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  • About Caddies

    Think about that for a second. Is the caddie really that big of an influence on your day? Christian Louboutin Shoes You are playing a golf course on your bucket list, probably with a great group of friends or colleagues, and a guy you just met is going to have that big of an impact on your day? Let’s hope not.

    At EastLouboutin UK Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, home of the PGA Tour Championship, and the place where Bobby Jones learned the game, you get a mixed bag of caddies. We have had seasoned veterans and young folks as part of the First Tee of East Lake Caddie Program. Sure the veterans can give you a better idea of what the par 3, 18th plays into the wind, but to hear some of the great stories from someone in the First Tee program can be much more rewarding.

    But at the end of the day, you are at the Louboutin Outlet club to experience the course, the history, the topography and the overall club. In other words, you are there for yourself and your group. Don’t let a caddie change that.

    Here are a few tips:

    Know the caddies job: to help you play well and to enjoy the course. With that said, don’t stress or apologize when you make an X on a hole.
    Relax about your game. The caddie sized Louboutin Store up your skills on the practice tee, so you don’t need to sweat that you aren’t going to play like Phil Mickelson. Chances are that he generally caddies for people who shoot triple figures.
    Listen to what the caddie says, respectfully, even if you disagree or choose otherwise. That being said, give him a few holes to prove himself. Chances are you that you can’t hit the perfect shot or putt that he would draw up, so don’t sweat the results.
    If you are going to discuss business with your playing partners, don’t engage the caddie, and draw him into what may be a confidential conversation.
    Let the caddie do his job, raking bunkers, giving yardage, etc. Don’t feel like you need to help him or do it for him.
    Buy your caddies drinks or snacks at the turn.
    If you know your caddie will be carrying your bag, trim it out the night before. Those 2 dozen slightly used balls aren’t necessary if you are taking fresh eggs to the course.
    Want to learn something about the course, its history or interesting facts, be sure to ask the caddie, but only when the conversation gets dull. Remember, you are there for your group, not to impress the caddie.
    Caddie fees: ask the pro shop what the caddie Christian Louboutin uk usually gets per bag and tip according to your experience. But be generous
    If you have a really good experience, ask for the caddie’s full name and phone number. This could be invaluable for a future visit, or if you want to refer a friend.


    Finally, a caddie is an INSIDER and can probably help you out away from the course. We have had caddies drive our group to dinner (because you should NEVER be driving after a few drinks), recommend great nightclubs, validate our choices for references and give us tips on other courses. Most importantly, a caddie can sometimes help you set up extra golf or get you onto a private club. Of course, you can also get that kind of help from our Concierge Service.

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